Cooking Classes

“You don’t need to become a chef to eat healthy every day. The key is to understand flavors, ingredients, and basic cooking methods, that you can apply to your particular taste to come up with dishes that are simple to make, nutritious, and delicious for YOU!”

I am a health coach and experienced home cook who has been creating and experimenting in the kitchen for almost 30 years. I create recipes for my blogs and programs, but in the day to day, I improvise my meals using the ingredients I have in my fridge, and taking into consideration the time and energy I have to cook, and what I feel like eating. My goal is to show people that they can create healthy, tasty, and filling dishes using whole foods. As I teach cooking, I also like to explain the why, and to provide information and tips to help you cook foods that will promote health and vitality.

Personalized Cooking Classes

■ 2.5-hour cooking class in your kitchen.

■ 30-Minute call to understand your goals, lifestyle, challenges and food preferences.

■ Hands-On class.

■ Printed material on cooking techniques, food nutrition, and more!

■ Up to three participants.


■ 1 Participant: $125

■ 2-3 Participants: $75 per person

■ You will receive a shopping list prior to the class. If you prefer I do the shopping, that will be an additional cost of $30 + cost of the ingredients.


Please contact me for inquiries or to schedule a class:

Eating healthy can be fun and delicious!

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