Rotisserie Chicken Cakes

Chicken cakes are a great way to re-purpose chicken leftover! These chicken cakes are easy to make, tasty and healthy. You can add some extra herbs into the mix, or other spices, such as smoked paprika, or curry. I topped the cakes with a mix of 100% avocado oil based mayo, chopped dill and chives, [...]

Eggplant and cheese appetizer

This eggplant appetizer is made with all natural ingredients, it is gluten free, low carb, keto friendly, and it's super yummy! So many times I go to parties and wish I could find a home-made, low carb appetizer, that is tasty and satisfying. Today's recipe is just like that! Plus, it's really easy to make and [...]

Turkey Maple Breakfast Meatballs

These meatballs are sweet, moist, tasty, and healthy! They are easy to make and cook fast. I am sure you and your family will love them! Please use the pure syrup. I know there is an important price difference, but you will avoiding artificial and highly processed ingredients, while taking advantage of the nutrition that [...]

Beet Chips with Cream Cheese Dip

These beet chips are crunchy, tasty, and easy to make. They make a great and healthy appetizer or snack, and kids will love them! Beets are high in Vitamine C, Folate, Potassium and Manganese. They are known to be natural “blood cleansers”. They can help you to detox and cleanse the blood of toxins, heavy metals, and waste due [...]