Rotisserie Chicken Cakes

Chicken cakes are a great way to re-purpose chicken leftover! These chicken cakes are easy to make, tasty and healthy. You can add some extra herbs into the mix, or other spices, such as smoked paprika, or curry. I topped the cakes with a mix of 100% avocado oil based mayo, chopped dill and chives, [...]


This tuna loaf is inspired in a fish-loaf my mom used to make usually for Christmas o New Years. She served it with a cream made out of heavy cream and ketchup. I didn't make it this time, but It could be an option, it was actually very good! I would recommend to buy an [...]

Shrimps and Sausage Wok

Shrimps and sausage is such a delicious combo! It reminds me to the southern dish jambalaya, which I really love! I like cooking in a big pan or wok, it's simple, quick, and easy to clean up. I prepped all the ingredients first and then put together the dish. The trick here is to cook [...]


I love Brussels Sprouts! This dish combines them with cream, cheese and chicken for a really comforting and delicious meal! Fall and winter are the perfect time to enjoy casseroles!  They are so easy to make and so good for your palate and your soul 🙂 However, most of recipes out there are full of unhealthy fats [...]

Easy Paleo Meatloaf

 Your family will love this simple meatloaf recipe! Moist and flavorful, comfort food without the guilt 🙂 Have it by itself or with some paleo or regular ketchup. Easy Paleo Meatloaf Serves 6: Carbs: 8 gr / Protein: 34 gr / Fat: 21 gr / Calories: 350 Ingredients Ground Beef, 2 lb Onion, 1/2 big [...]