21 Day B&M Reset

21 Day B&M Reset

Is this program for you?

**Are you are looking to upgrade your quality of life and your healthy habits for good?

**Are you welling to experiment, try new things, and challenge your old believes?

**Are you fed up with diets that don’t work and want to learn how to eat to lose weight and keep it off for ever?

**Are you excited about discovering your potential and seeing how great you can feel and look?

Then, YES! This is a great program for you!

Growing is the result of learning

Every day you will receive an email from me on one of the three pillars: What, Why and How.

“In order to make lasting lifestyle changes you need to understand the way your body works and how food affects your health. You also need to work on your mindset and your relationship with food. And last but not least, you need practical tips and tools that will help you implement what you learn every day”

Planning your meals prevent poor decisions

You will receive an easy to follow meal plan and shopping list, with delicious and easy to make recipes!

“More important than following a meal plan is to learn how to plan and be prepared so you can eat real food every day. The meal plan is a tool that can be used in different ways according to your preferences, lifestyle and cooking skills. We will work together to come up with what works best for you”

To enjoy the glow of health you must exercise

You will learn how to exercise to lose fat, not muscle, and optimize your body composition.

“The idea of this program is to show you that you can get great results exercising less than 30 minutes a day and with little or no equipment. You will learn about the importance of exercising and moving, receive daily workouts, and track your progress”

Be part of something bigger than yourself

Be part of an exclusive Facebook group to get the most out of this experience!

“Being part of the community will help you get motivated, committed and involved. You will be able to share your meals, feelings, progress, ask questions and get support from people like you that are pursuing similar goals.  Facebook is also a communication channel between me and my clients. Additionally, you can send your questions directly to me via email.”

Join next challenge for only $75!

We are starting Oct 21st!

Get results beyond weigh loss

Being thinner is not just a matter of esthetic. We are overweight because we are eating the wrong food. The same food that makes us bigger makes us sick. That same food is  negatively affecting our energy levels, mood, motivation, brain power and immune system.

A bad diet can cause bloating, gas, stomach aches, inflammation, and lots of uncomfortable or even dangerous health conditions.

By following this program you will also experience other good “side effects” that will make you feel better!

This is a life-changing program

Most people don’t fully understand how our diet and lifestyle habits can impact our health in the short and long run. By following the lifestyle I teach over this program you can:

** Unleash your brain power.

** Boost your energy and improve mood and motivation.

** Fight oxidation and inflammation, preventing a long list of health conditions and chronic disease.

** Balance your hormones achieving benefits such as: better sleep, more energy, less cravings and controlled appetite.

** Reset your genes to burn fat instead of glucose as energy, so you get naturally leaner.

** Maintain a healthy gut and healthy immune system. 

Join next challenge for only $75!

We are starting Oct 21st !

We only have one life and one body

This is the time to start moving forward towards a more vital and vibrant version of yourself!

Denise Martin – @poweredbyrealfood

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