Certified Primal Health Coach

We all want to improve ourselves, to live a more relaxed, healthier and a happier life. Food plays a great role in achieving the life we dream about. The way we eat has a direct impact in our energy level, our mood, our hunger, our body composition, our immune system, and our overall health.

The primal approach to eating and exercising is all about honoring our homo sapiens genes by providing the input that will allow them to express in a way that promotes health and fitness.  Our DNA has the recipe for success; our challenge is  adapting our modern life to create the right environment for our genes to do their work as they did for millions of years of human evolution.

Online Program: 21 Day Body & Mind Reset

This is the perfect way to quick off your healthier lifestyle! Receive daily information, motivation, workouts, support and more!

Online Group Coaching: FREEDOM, the seven mindsets of healthy eating.

Eight weeks to discover the mindsets that are holding you back and replace them for new ones, that will allow you to make permanent lifestyle changes. 

Personal Coaching

Do you want to lose weight, have more energy, improve your mood, feel better, and have a sharper brain?

You have the power to do all that by adjusting some lifestyle factors such as nutrition, movement, sleeping, and stress management. 

I coach on three main pillars:

WHAT: what actions you need to take.

WHY: understand the reasons why those actions are needed. People is much more welling to make changes when they can grasp the importance and make sense of what they are doing.

HOW:  this is probably the most critical piece of the puzzle. This pillar focuses on the mindsets, tools, and strategies that will allow you to implement the WHAT and produce lasting lifestyle changes.

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Cooking Classes

Available in San Diego. You don’t need to become a chef to eat healthy every day. The key is to understand flavors, ingredients, and basic cooking methods, that you can apply to your particular taste to come up with dishes that are simple to make, nutritious, and delicious for YOU!